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What is Sherpath?

Sherpath is a Cloud platform that is integrated into your operations to efficiently connect suppliers and clients to a collaborative maintenance network, offering to make the value of your services visible and their traceability greater.

We solve your problems of::

Low visibility of service status

There are multiple communication channels available to people, but there is no company-wide visibility over time for all these communications. The value of repair and maintenance processes are not shown to the mining company in each operation, making it difficult for suppliers to generate brand visibility among mining companies.

Difficulty planning maintenance

As there is no real history of repair of the components accessible to mining companies, work orders are generated without notice, generating losses in efficiency and costs for suppliers in addition to a desynchronization of the work.

Little control component outside the workshop

There is no strict control by the mining companies over their components, so there is no common resume of the assets, many times purchase orders are not authorized, the location of a component is not known and they are thrown away.

Be part of the largest database of mine companies and suppliers

As a marketplace, you have the possibility to offer all your services and at the same time, allow your customers to follow up on repair and maintenance services.

Increased visibility and access to a variety of clients, enhancing the sales flow of your services and business opportunities.

Access to useful data that is recorded and shared by suppliers and clients to generate reports, analyze metrics, and make decisions with real data.

We integrate with your CMMS to make the data flow fast and efficient. Improving the planning between you and the client by integrating and communicating various platforms from both sides, generating a collaborative network.

You will be able to report automatically showing all the value of your work process to the client remotely and with documentary evidence in addition to receiving feedback from several clients in one place.

Greater security for your customers by better knowing the time and location of its components, contributing to the quality of service and innovation in the traceability of your customer service.

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